This Degrassi Wiki is designed for all things Eli and Clare.Eclare fans are free to post their Eli or Clare pictures,videos,and information then discuss it with others.

Characters-Short Description

Eli Goldsworthy-Eli's character is played by Munro Chambers.Eli begins to attend Degrassi in 2010 Season 10.

does not like to conform when it comes to his style and personality.Eli is a distant person and keeps to himself

most the time.He is nice,sarcastic,he always has an opinion,and he is never afraid of making a statement.

Clare Edwards-Clare's character is played by Aislinn Paul.Clare is Darcy's younger sister.

Clare was in a previous relationship with K.C and she is currently dating Eli Goldsworthy.Clare

is nice,caring,and can be open minded in trying new things and taking risks.

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